Now that we’ve had our first winter storm and are once again reminded what lies ahead for us in the next few months, take a few moments to plan ahead so you won’t be inconvenienced, or worse, as winter approaches.

What is on the must-do list at your house when cold weather approaches? For us it’s:

  • cleaning gutters
  • detaching hoses and covering or turning off hose bibs
  • sealing any new openings around windows and doors
  • putting away all outdoor furniture and decor
  • moving firewood closer to the house and ordering more if needed
  • making sure the fireplaces/woodstoves are ready for the new season (we have them cleaned in the summer before the rush)
  • locating the shovels, salt, window scrapers
  • checking hats, boots, gloves, and coats to make sure they’re clean and ready for another season
  • mulching flower beds to keep plants safe and decrease spring weeds
  • making sure we’ve got two large, clean containers to fill with well water the day before a big storm blows in. (Since we live on a well, we’ll have no water supply if the power goes out. We fill one bin in an upstairs bathroom to use for washing and toilet flushing, and another to keep in the mudroom for cooking and drinking water.)

There are a number of good articles and checklists online, too. Take a minute this weekend to make your plan so you can spend the next snowstorm relaxing and enjoying your snow day!


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