When we moved to our first country home, while our kids were very small, there was a part of us that wondered if we’d be sacrificing their social and academic lives so that we could enjoy the quiet of the countryside. Fortunately, decades later, I can safely report that the kids are well educated adults, with plenty of friends, and a deep appreciation for the value of open space and gravel roads.


When you buy a home in a rural area, it’s much more of a lifestyle decision than deciding to settle down in a city or even close to a city. And if you aren’t deeply familiar with the place where you want to move, then you’ll need to research what it’s really like to live there and decide whether it’s for you.


There are a lot of amazing advantages to living in a rural place — the wide-open views, the easy access to nature, the tight-knit communities. There are also plenty of inconveniences — limited utility options, fewer job options with longer commutes, not as many opportunities to grab takeout when you don’t feel like cooking.

How do you make sure that the far-flung hamlet where you’re about to buy is a place you’ll enjoy and where you’ll thrive? The only way to truly appreciate the countryside lifestyle is to find a realtor who lives off the beaten path and has firsthand knowledge of how to thrive in a country home. At YourCountryHome, we have firsthand knowledge of the ins and outs of country living and have passed that experience along to scores of satisfied clients. Contact us today so we can introduce you to the joys of living a bit farther out than that masses.

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